Composed Of Experienced Professionals.

The Motion Picture Society of Cebu (MPSC) is a not-for-profit organization composed of Producers, Directors, Actors, Production Designers, Cinematographers, Editors, VFX Artists, Sound Designers, Composers, and collectives in Cebu, Philippines. It started in 2004 and was formally organized in 2014. The MPSC aims to promote Cebu as the idyllic production destination, a bustling metropolitan rapt with a slew of local production companies and various suppliers to choose from.

A primary goal of the MPSC is also to solidify the collective of crew, technician, talents, and shooting locations in the region, and condense all these into one database for an easier and more efficient scouting process. The MPSC strives to maintain and encourage international standards of film production practices be set forth here in Cebu likewise. Lastly, the MPSC will create programs to educate and inspire the region's next wave of storytellers and visual artists in order to ensure skills appraisal and industry sustainability.

MPSC means "Quality Film Production in Cebu."

Trailblazing The Creative Process in Cebu

MPSC aims to promote Cebu as a film production hub; connects clients to local production units and suppliers; develops a database of shooting locations, production crew, and talents; and provides information on post-production outsourcing.

Time-tested Production Companies, Real Professionals

MPSC is composed of long-standing production companies in Cebu with award-winning, creative professionals.

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